Friday, April 26, 2013

Musings of an (early) middle-age gamer

It took me a while to realize it, but my gaming habits have become somewhat peculiar lately.
I no longer care about most sequels.
If I find a game I really like, I will play it at least two times in succession.
The way I perceive the current release cycle is this: (very) long periods of terrible, terrible drag punctuated by stuff which just BLOWS MY MIND.
I find indie games to be significantly better because they innovate more, but they suffer in length even more than mainstream games.
Hey, I'm still playing! (it was probably not just a phase)
Whenever I hear about new releases (especially over-hyped ones), my cynicism flares. So far, this has appeared to be the correct response.
I tend to like games almost no one else seems to have heard about, let alone played. Things have changed - I  remember when it was 1995 and I liked Doom2.
Speaking of which, I still play Doom and Doom2 regularly. And I still like the second one better.
Deus Ex remains my favourite game of all time. I believe it's held that position for more than 10 years, but I'm  not sure (it's been out for more than 10 years, I just don't remember when I realized it was my absolute  favourite).
I still wish there was a sequel to Anachronox.
Ni No Kuni makes me think it would not be such a bad idea to own a PS3. I need to play that someday.
There is still no game in existence which makes me want to own an Xbox360.

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Blogger Gabriel Sandu said...

WTF is wrong with the audio captcha. I mean seriously, I am not a robot, which is why I CAN'T type what I'm hearing if these bastards are pronouncing 3 digits at the same time.
Yes my friend, you are in the ditch of happiness when you have found your one true game(s) of all time and nothing else ever satisfies you as much.
But F.E.A.R not, I’m pretty sure something will turn up sooner or later. As for me, I went against my own teachings and played EVE Online. It was a very horrible experience. I was
expecting it to be so addictive that it would make me forget about having free time! When I was playing WoW ages ago, I had feared even reading about EVE, based on what
other people were saying about it. Turns out it’s just a very boring game for me and I can’t really compare it to anything else except... you got it: Final Fantasy 8 Chocobo Game.

In reality, I did buy Mists of Pandaria and leveled another character to 90, not my truly beloved rogue, but as soon as the final ding happened, I realized something in me is broken.
There was no future I dreamt of or curiosity to keep on playing. I dread of logging online and having no good idea of what to do in there. Most of this is due to having lost my previous
friends from various regions of the globe who were the reason we all stuck together through 5+ years of sequels and expansions.

Even if today’s games are very different from before, I still get my quick fix of action and storytelling wherever I can find it: Skyrim, Darksiders 2, Risen 2, Metro Last Light (it’s also a “2” kind of game), etc.
I am excited about PS4, but perhaps for the wrong reasons – it will give you an excuse to come visit my place.

One possible comeback from this limbo you are stuck in would be to start working on one of your game ideas, like we used to do in the past, remember?
I for one still haven’t fulfilled that dream of mine, so a part of me is waiting for the right time to start it.

Oh and I will breathe some new life into the anime blog. That I promise.


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