Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A lesson in, er, trailer-ing

I don't know why, but THIS TRAILER has impressed me so much I decided to post about it.

Oh wait. I think I do.

It's a lesson in what a good trailer should contain:

1. Actual gameplay footage. IT MUST CONTAIN GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE. Sigh.
2. Showcasing of the more interesting bits without horrible spoilers.
3. Catchy, retro-spy-movie themed music (ok, just catchy music that fits in well with the overall theme will do)
4. Quirky, funny, well-flowing presentation.

PLEASE NOTE that I am passing NO JUDGMENT WHATSOEVER on how good or bad the game appears to be. This is not about the quality of the game itself, just the trailer.

That's it, really. LINK AGAIN just in case.



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