Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Final Fantasy XIII is out, and I can't play it because I don't own a current-gen console. But even if I could play it, I probably wouldn't enjoy it all that much. I've seen a video review, and while I do appreciate the streamlining of the RPG mechanics, what I REALLY wanted, the mechanic that I was hoping would make a return, is definitely not there.

World exploration might be gone from FF for good, and that makes me sad.

What is Final Fantasy ? Final Fantasy is epicness. Or it used to be. The series has changed a lot with every new game, and it's changed various mechanics, gaining new ones and losing others, and in the process, it might have lost something vital.

For epicness has failed.

I might save the world, but I can't possibly feel as strongly about it when I've only seen a small part of it. In the newer games, I'm just a part of the world - in the previous games, the world was mine. Being able to zip around in your airship, looking down upon your domain, knowing that you've explored every single nook and cranny of it, is a mechanic that's irreplaceable. I do think they should change things with every new game, even everything if they feel like it, because it's their game. But I also think it's a mistake to lose that feeling of epicness so easily, not because a FF game should be like the previous FF games, but because there's no other game that does that. It wasn't just a good part of the series, it was an element that set it apart, it gave it unity, cohesion. It was something to look forward to - and now, it's gone. The worlds got bigger, and you got smaller, and now you only see a little corner of them, and it's sad.



Blogger Gabriel Sandu said...

Hello :). I stopped dreaming about FF when X came out. I did play IX for a while, but felt really strange about the characters. Having little kids didn't give me the same "WORLD IS MINE, MWUAHAHA!" feeling like 7 or 8 did. Maybe... you need to play Gothic 3? If you haven't yet tried. I will try it again, this time with all the 3* 1GB community patches. Horrible experience when I tried the first available version when it came out.

10:54 AM  
Blogger Chiller said...

I've played Risen, made by the same team, and enjoyed it immensely. Definitely RPG of the year 2k9 as far as I'm concerned. I should write about it. However, I don't think Gothic 3 is quite my cup of tea (played it a bit, no patches, I understand that it's not representative, but still).

7:25 PM  

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