Saturday, April 18, 2009

Braid, or How I Need To Think Up Better Titles

Braid is a great game.
I've had to apply logic to arrive at that conclusion, actually.
Because I hated it. Not all the time, though. Just... a lot.
I hated it when the difficulty spiked. I hated it when I couldn't figure out a puzzle (piece) for myself and I had to go to a walkthrough. Then, of course, I also hated the preposterousness of the game's creator, who had suggested that noone should ever use a walkthrough for Braid. THIS IS THE AGE OF THE FUCKING INTERNET, Y'KNOW ?!
I hated it some more when the difficulty spiked again later on, and again in the final level. Then I hated it because those damn stars are so well hidden that I didn't find even one on my own. Walkthrough in hand, I got the damn buggers eventually. In the process, I also hated it because I had to reset my progress to get a star, and have 2 hours' worth of patience for another.Of course, I also hated the "too-clever-for-you, try-to-figure-me-out" story.

For some reason, I didn't hate the bunnies.

But, despite all the hate, I totally loved it.
Ergo, Braid is a great game. It's logical.

And what did I really, REALLY love ? The graphics, the music, and world 4. Really, world 4. Awesome.



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