Sunday, May 28, 2006

The music that changes us

(Note: this post was actually written more than one week ago. But it took me a few days to recover my Blogger password (surprise - none of the usual passwords or combinations worked), and by that time, I was not in the mood to post it. However, since tonight I was listening to the same song as when I wrote this, I've decided it's a good time to blog. Have fun reading. )

I was listening to the "Harry Potter" music tonight, when it struck me. It's not actually the "Harry Potter" music. It's "the Harry Potter music". The difference seems small, but it's quite notable, considering that the actual melody is Depeche Mode's "Precious".
Why the association ? Well, it's simpler than you might expect. I happened to be reading the Harry Potter books in the same time period when I was listening to "Precious" 24/7 (yeah, that's a bit weird, but that song deserves it. Besides, it's not the first time I've done that. More info in a sec). Well, you gotta hand it to Pavlov - he knew his stuff. Now, whenever I hear the song, my mind instantly jumps to the tale of Harry and Voldemort (if you didn't read it, you should. It was much better than I first expected, especially after "Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire", which, incidentally, is the movie that made me start reading in the first place).
Other such songs: (there had to be a list in my post :p)

- Rammstein's "Ich Will" aka "the Evangelion song" - because of the best Eva AMV i've ever known. Face it, that melody was practically made for NGE (although unrelated, "Ich Will" is another song I've listened to 24/7 for about a week when I first discovered it)
- Metallica's "Hero Of The Day" aka "the Dragonball song" - because of another AMV (I'm talking classic Dragonball here, the first series)
- Linkin Park's "In The End" aka "the Dragonball Z song" - because, you guessed it, yet another AMV (one of the first I've ever seen. I do tend to watch them over and over again, btw)

There might be more, but this was not really meant to be an exhaustive post. I actually wrote it because I needed the exercise, because I thought the subject was cool, and to remind you that my blog still exists :p I'm definetly hoping to post something bigger and better sometime soon. Anyway, until next time -- Avada Kedavra !



Blogger Asm said...

Post more. Post about what you've played this summer,about how to mix work and play or about manatae mating ... whatever, JUST DO IT !

1:23 PM  
Blogger nic said...

best AMV i've ever seen is Hallowed be thy name cover by cradle of filth set to ninja scroll

check it out its very well done...

9:21 PM  

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